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Jewelry Store Needs SERVPRO of Whittier to Help Clean HVAC System

5/4/2016 (Permalink)

Did you know that your ventilation system could be circulating one or more of many contaminates such as dust, pollen, dirt and odor-causing debris? If your HVAC system has been operating without attention, it can very well be responsible for your poor in-door air quality. Luckily for your home or business, SERVPRO of Whittier offers routine inspections for your heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit to help keep it clean and to extend the life of the equipment. The owner of a jewelry store scheduled to open this spring in Newport Beach wanted to make sure that his customers and employees were going to have clean air to breathe! He made the responsible decision to give SERVPRO of Whittier a call for help with cleaning his HVAC system. Our Technicians Edwin, Martha, and Rene went out to Twila True Fine Jewelry to begin services right away! Our crew had inspected the air ducts and properly cleaned them with the necessary equipment. They used air scrubbers equipped with HEPA filters to purify the air in the building, and the proper equipment to clean the air ducts. Within the very next day our crew had completed the ventilation cleaning! The owner was so thrilled with our ability to provide professional, swift, and efficient service. He was proud to be able to open his store with clean air to breathe!

Have SERVPRO of Whittier secure your property after disaster strikes!

3/30/2016 (Permalink)

Having to deal with the burden of your property being damaged is already stressful enough. Don’t add more turmoil to your life by attempting to do the board-up too! Let SERVPRO of Whittier take care of the whole thing. We offer a team of experienced professionals to properly complete the board-up as well as provide you with the services of mitigating and remediating the original damage!  Here at SERVPRO of Whittier we are prepared to relieve you from the dangerous, time-consuming, and costly risks of trying to do it yourself.  The results of an improper board-up, such as moisture or animal intrusion, can make matters even worse. Fortunately, with our team’s experience in both commercial and residential board-ups we can keep your home or business safe from these secondary damages. SERVPRO of Whittier is always happy to operate with excellent care and celerity when handling the board-up of your damaged property to ensure that we can get you back on track, making it like it never even happened!