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Biohazard Emergency in Montebello Taken Care of by SERVPRO of Whittier

3/30/2016 (Permalink)

Much more than fire or water, property damage as a result of biological or chemical contaminants can be really dangerous. Exposure to these substances can cause serious health effects. This is why it is so important to properly execute the decontamination process of a home or business affected by a  trauma, spill, or even sewage back up. Luckily, for the owners of a shop in Montebello, SERVPRO of Whittier has a team of certified, trained, and experienced professionals with the proper safety equipment and the necessary cleaning supplies to safely remove biohazards in accordance with CAL OSHA and health regulations. Our crew chief, Jose Arcila, was up and ready at 3:00am to ensure their business was safe and clean by morning after a trauma had left the place contaminated. With “safety first” in his head and a certified crew by his side, he began the clean up process. After a long night, everything was properly removed and disinfected. The decision to call SERVPRO of Whittier to deal with their emergency is a smart one, because training and experience are key when it comes to resolving these circumstaces.